Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Participated in Agribusiness Training

On 28-29 April 2008, I have participated in the trianing on agri-business trained by Dr. Yang Saing Koma, the CEDAC's president. Actually, I have understood well about the general concept of agri-business especailly its historical background, why we do it? The revolution of agri-business since the ancient time up to now, the differences of family agri-business and company agri-business and which one is socially responsible and have a good benefit to the community people. After the training, it also provided me the idea to distinguish the potential farmers for starting agri-business in our program, farmers who are really the commercial farmers, they do intend to produce agricultural product to supply for the market.

It means that we choose them as our partners in running agri-business in the community so that it is easier than we cooperate with farmers who don't want to do. Actually, we have other ways to work with normal farmers, to increase family's food consumption and to enhance the understanding on agricultural marketing strategy, while they understand well they will take effort to launch business. Finally, I would like to say that specialization and integration among local producer is a successful way in community supported agri-business. Gaining the knowledge from this training, I have provided the training on agri-business that I have learned in Phnom Penh to YCL (Young Community Leaders) in svay Rieng, the training was held on May 01, 2008. Based on my observation, they have learned to target the cooperating farmers in doing agri-business in the community.